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"Committed Coach"

"My 10-year-old daughter took tumbling lessons with Jesse. He is a wonderful and dedicated coach who enjoys seeing his students excel. He praised my daughter's accomplishments and encouraged her when she needed a push, all while keeping their time together fun yet productive."

- Laura Tejeda, Dance Mom, Atlanta, GA

"Compassionate and Loving Individual"

"Jesse went through his Yoga Teacher Training at my studio, Peachtree Yoga Center. He is a compassionate and loving individual, ready to help his fellow yogis. With his expertise in tumbling, he was a great resource in regards to inversions and arm balances. Jesse not only helped his fellow students during training, but he also provided marketing on social media, which helped us grow."

Ilona Moore, Owner of Peachtree Yoga Center, Atlanta, GA

"Highly Recommended!"

"My daughter is a rising 9th grader, who has danced competitively for several years. As she began to hone her tumbling skills, she took Jesse's weekly tumbling classes. When she decided to try out for her high school cheer squad, Jesse helped her to perfect her tumbling and cheer skills to prepare her for tryouts. Jesse is gifted at not just teaching the technical aspects of tumbling and cheer, but at providing firm motivation as well as inspiring his students to perform at their best. My daughter's tumbling skills and her confidence have truly grown after working with Jesse. He is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him. 

-Erica Matos, Attorney, Dance Mom

"In a Few Lessons Her Confidence has Grown!"

We are so thrilled to have started tumbling with Jesse! My daughter has never had any formal training for tumbling to compliment her dance and this has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE! In just a few lessons, her confidence has grown and she has mastered standing backbends and handstands. He has truly shown her that she can do what she puts her mind to and just needed the proper guidance. We even had a virtual lesson when we had to go out of town, the way Jesse used everyday household objects to recreate a safe studio environment at home was amazing to watch. 

Jennifer Sanders; National Sales Director; Capital Ideas

"Helped Me Make Georgia Tech Cheer Squad!"

I began learning to tumble for cheerleading when I was 18, as soon as I became a member of the Georgia Tech Cheer Team. I'd had no previous tumbling experience and Jesse is one of the main reasons I was able to go from no skills to a varsity Georgia Teach Cheerleader in 2 years! He helped me with my tuck, back handspring, and round off back handspring tuck. If he can successfully teach these skills to someone well past the average age of someone learning to tumble, he can teach anyone. 

- Michael Tatum, Carnegie Mellon Roboticist, Former Georgia Tech Cheerleader

"Great Teacher For Beginner Tumblers!"

"My 9-year-old daughter received tumbling lessons from Jesse. As she continued to practice what he had taught her, she would return from her session fatigued but with a sense of accomplishment. Jesse is a great teacher who takes pride in helping his students build better self-esteem and strength by encouraging them to always do their best."

- Ewa Antunez, Manager of Accounting, Dance Mom

"Jesse is Extremely Professional, and my Daughter Loved Working with Him!"

When my daughter decided to try out for her high school cheer team, she knew she needed to perfect her tumbling skills. We reached out to Jesse, and we are so glad we did! Jesse is extremely professional, and my daughter loved working with him. Through strength training and cardio, Jesse pushed her to her limits, but never too far. Not only did he help her achieve her tumbling goals by perfecting her technique,he also helped clean up her jumps and cheer performance. Jesse is an excellent coach and really knows how to connect with his students. I would highly recommend him for gymnastics, dance, or yoga improvement. 

Elizabeth Castellaw; Cheer Mom

"Excellent Instructor for Learning All Tumbling Skills"

"Thank you for your work with my daughter on her new tumbling skill, she is now an AERIAL FREAK! She does them everywhere now! So Awesome!"

- Rayna Drago, Dance Mom, Atlanta, GA

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